Web Filter Pro

Comprehensive Web Filtering, Mobile Security and Integrated Reporting for Today's Organization

ContentKeeper's Web Filter Pro, a full featured Web Filtering and Security Platform, gives organizations the comprehensive set of tools they need to provide a safe, productive working and learning environment while ensuring policy compliance. It simplifies security and policy management, protecting networks and users, regardless of device or location.


Supports high-demand and multi-gigabit network environments. Scales easily for increased bandwidth requirements and deployment of new technologies and platforms.

Mobility and Policy Management

Provides accurate and transparent user identification, policy-based filtering and reporting for both user and school/business owned devices. Ensures reliable decryption and filtering of guest and BYOD devices without requiring client installation.

Intelligent SSL Inspection and Controls

Provides reliable SSL inspection across all devices and browsers without degrading network performance. Monitors, controls and filters secure web traffic at multi-gigabit speeds. Ensures policy management with accurate reporting of encrypted traffic.

Real-Time Monitoring and Comprehensive Reporting

Provides enterprise-class reporting that scales for large network environments. Live viewer, intelligent dashboards, executive summary and forensic drill down reports gives you the analytics and accurate data required to enforce accountability and policy compliance.

Behavioral Intent Alerting and Real-Time Threat Detection

Monitors suspicious online activity and alerts managers/administrators in real time to mitigate potential bullying, self-harm or malicious plans.

Granular Social Media and Applications Controls

Provides granular control of popular social media sites such as Google, YouTube and Facebook. Improves productivity and ensures a safe, policy-compliant environment for users. Identifies and blocks suspicious applications used to circumvent web filters, such as UltraSurf, Tor, OpenVPN, Psiphon and BitTorrent.