ContentKeeper Mobile

Reliable Protection for The Evolving Threat Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged organizations to review business practices, developing new approaches to address the health and safety of students, teachers and employees while maintaining productivity. With the transition to remote working models, potential online threats and security vulnerabilities have increased. Protect your users whether at home or in the office with ContentKeeper Mobile

Express Cloud

Lightweight on Bandwidth and Resources

An efficient and lightweight app provides effective filtering and Malicious URL protection while retaining direct to internet connectivity for all mobile users. This cloud-enabled functionality is available on iOS and macOS devices.

Ease of Administration

An Intuitive web-based graphical interface allows for centralized administration and advanced reporting on mobile users and their web usage and risks. Integration with popular MDMs allows for lightning fast deployment to many thousands of devices at once.

1:1/BYOD and Policy Management

Control and manage Chromebooks, iPads, Windows, Macs and other devices with accurate and transparent user identification, policy-based filtering and reporting both on and off campus. Ensure reliable decryption and filtering of guest and BYOD devices without requiring client installation.

Real-Time Monitoring and Comprehensive Reporting

ContentKeeper provides enterprise-class reporting that scales for large district environments. Live viewer, intelligent dashboards, executive summary and forensic drill down reports give you the analytics and accurate data required to ensure student safety and policy compliance.

ContentKeeper Cloud

Fully Encrypted and Authenticated Communication

Secure tunnelling for real-time protection on any device, browser or location. Packet level inspection of all web traffic with multiple layers of cyber defense, including HTTPS. Ensure policy compliance, detection of potentially malicious websites (e.g. Phishing) and files. Control and filter secure web traffic.

Full-featured Capabilities of Secure Internet Gateway

Gain full visibility into web traffic and activity without impacting performance or adding complexity. Our Multi-layered intelligent security combined with high performance Web Filtering ensures identical protection to the workforce whether on or off-site.


Supports high-demand and multi-gigabit network environments. Scales easily for increased bandwidth requirements and deployment of new technologies and platforms.

Intelligent SSL Inspection and Controls

Provides reliable SSL inspection across all devices and browsers without degrading network performance. Monitors, controls and filters secure web traffic at multi-gigabit speeds. Ensures policy management with accurate reporting of encrypted traffic.