Cloud Security Service

Multi-Layered Protection for Today's Distributed Organization

ContentKeeper's Cloud Security Service provides multi-layered web security for today's distributed, cloud-based organizations. It protects networks and users from malware and other web threats, while decreasing the costs associated with onsite hardware, software and maintenance. Easy to manage and scalable, the Cloud Security Service provides comprehensive security, policy-based control and seamless integration across mobile devices, remote/branch offices and headquarters.

Advanced Threat Detection

Uses multiple layers of defense, including machine learning/predictive file analysis, behavioral analysis, cloud sandboxing and threat isolation to prevent malware and advanced persistent threats.

Reliable Multi-Gigabit Filtering

Designed for high demand networking environments. Simplifies security and policy management and ensures safe and productive web use regardless of device or location.

Intelligent SSL Inspection and Controls

Provides reliable SSL decryption services without degrading network performance. Ensures policy management with granular controls and accurate reporting of encrypted traffic.

Mobile Security

Delivers real-time protection from malware, maintains accountability and ensures regulatory compliance on user owned (BYOD) and company/school issued devices.

Real-Time Monitoring and Comprehensive Reporting

Provides enterprise-class reporting that scales for large network environments. Real-time dashboards, executive summary and forensic drill down reports allow you to monitor web traffic, user activity and malware threats while ensuring policy compliance.

Lower TCO

Decreases costs over time by eliminating the need for onsite hardware and software and by reducing the maintenance associated with on-premise solutions.