ContentKeeper Technologies Securing Enterprises with a Multi-Layered Security Approach

With legislators steadily tightening their fists around information security, it has become imperative for organizations to ensure that they are in compliance with increasingly onerous regulations.

However, once the process of strengthening the security infrastructure kicks off, organizations are braced by yet another challenge - scalability of networking and security products.

Taking us deeper into the issues around scalability, David Wigley explains, “Tasks that are trivial for a small number of endpoints and at low throughputs become huge headaches as organization size and throughput increases. This can lead to huge surprises in both functionality and cost when a do-it-all product with a large number of features performs well in testing but collapses entirely under a production load.”

Our Multi-layered Gateway Security Platform delivers a powerful combination of innovative security technologies that prevent malware and other threats proactively

This is exactly where ContentKeeper Technologies comes as the preferred choice for enterprises across the globe. Co-founded and headed by David Wigley as the CEO, ContentKeeper spearheads the category with a high-performing Multi-layered Gateway Security Platform which wields the ability to scale on a single appliance or across a distributed array of appliances in a fault-tolerant configuration.

A robust and user-friendly solution, ContentKeeper’s Multi-layered Gateway Security Platform adds to its own security feature set by syndicating the defensive power of the world’s leading malware vendors. Advanced technologies such as Cloud Sandbox, Behavioral Analysis Engine and Predictive Malware Blocking (powered by Cylance) complement the platform’s multi-layered security approach.

“Our Multi-layered Gateway Security Platform delivers a powerful combination of innovative security technologies that prevent malware and other threats proactively, while our scalable web filtering and intelligent SSL inspection help enforce security policies and maintain regulatory compliance,” delineates David Wigley.

In addition to enterprise applications, the industry has been witnessing an escalation in the number of mobile devices as well as the ongoing BYOD trend. The suite of applications provided by ContentKeeper is equipped with protective layers that secure laptops, tablets, mobile phones and BYOD devices on the network. The administrators have complete control over device network access with device-agnostic BYOD authentication, coupled with a range of security controls. This ensures protection without inhibiting productive use of web resources.

In case an infected device finds its way into the network, features such as Threat Isolation detect the device and alert the administrators. The device is then disconnected from the Internet to prevent the spread of malware and advanced persistent threats. Moreover, the web filtering controls and SSL decryption provide complete control over encrypted sites such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

Putting forth an experience of over 20 years in the category, ContentKeeper has been delivering state of the art security solutions to global enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies. The firm prides itself on its high customer retention rates enabled by a higher standard of technical support. The market can expect the firm to continue moving ahead in the industry in close alignment with ContentKeeper Technologies’ mission of innovating the world's best high-speed web security solutions.


as published on CIO Review India