SSL Inspection

Break down threats, not your network. With over 75% of page views occurring via encrypted communication, intelligent SSL Inspection is an indispensable part of an effective contemporary security solution. Many vendors offer their own solution, but the quality of implementation varies greatly causing reliability and scalability challenges. Organizations should deploy multi-gigabit SSL technology that is easy to implement for both company-owned and personally owned devices.

ContentKeeper provides scalable SSL decryption services, ensuring consistent filtering, appropriate user activity and policy management across all devices and browsers.


Provide intelligent SSL inspection without impacting network performance. Monitor, control and filter secure web traffic at multi-gigabit speeds.

Provides Visibility and Granular Control

Reliably control and filter secure web traffic across all devices and browsers. Gain in-depth visibility into encrypted traffic to ensure appropriate user activity and effectively enforce policies.

Sub-Domain Management

Enable granular controls of popular domains including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Pinterest. Ensure safe and productive access to content by providing granular control over specific application functions such as searching, posting, sharing, apps permissions, comments and live chat.

Improves Policy Management

Ensure accurate logging and reporting of SSL web activity across all devices, browsers and locations. Provide real-time monitoring and alerting of suspicious behavior to help prevent self-harm, bullying and malicious threats.