Advanced Threat Protection

Securing your network has never been as complex and multifaceted as it is today. State actors, paid criminals and disgruntled individuals all pose a significant threat and are increasingly turning to cyberspace as an effective medium in which to carry out attacks on their targets. Hacking tools and exploits are openly traded in online communities drastically lowering the barrier for anyone wishing to engage in cyber warfare, extortion, simple scams or other money-making schemes. Protecting your vulnerable, target rich environment from these diverse threats require a layered approach to defense.

ContentKeeper's Multi-layered Web Security Platform deploys multiple layers of innovative technologies to decrypt, inspect, identify, analyze, isolate and stop attacks before they get started, protecting complex, distributed and cloud-enabled organizations all over the world.

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URL Filtering

Controls access to inappropriate content, enables policy control and analyzes and blocks known infected websites.

Streaming Malware Defense

Using high-speed TurboBridge technology, antivirus signatures are scanned in real time, blocking viruses, malware and spyware, while eliminating gateway bottlenecks.

App Defender

Uses signature-based detection to identify and block suspicious Apps and protocols used to circumvent web filters

Remote Browser Isolation (Powered by Ericom)

Keep users safe by rendering suspicious websites in remote, isolated containers and sending only safe, interactive media streams to their devices.

Predictive Malware Blocking (Powered by Cylance)

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning detect new and zero-day malware threats that are instantly blocked before they execute.

Behavior Analysis Engine

From an isolated virtual browser, the BAE tests unknown web files, assesses javaScript behavior and unpacks PDFs to detect malicious activity.

Cloud Sandbox

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning detect new and zero-day malware threats that are instantly blocked before they execute.

Additional Defenses

We continuously develop complementary technologies such as Geo-fencing, IP Defender and DNS Protector that enhance existing security and usability.

Provides Multi-Layered Approach to Security

Use a combination of powerful technologies to prevent malware and advanced persistent threats. Proactively protect your network and users.

Scans SSL Encrypted Traffic

ContentKeeper’s industry leading multi-gig SSL decryption service provides scanning of SSL encrypted data streams that would otherwise allow malicious code to evade detection. With the majority of page views occurring via encrypted communications, decryption is no longer optional.

Automates Security

Automate security with tools that take milliseconds to scan and block malicious files so you can spend less time worrying about security and more time on other important projects.

Forensic Malware Reporting

Generate in-depth, instant reports that show the types of malware prevented and how they were detected. ContentKeeper’s security stack is fully integrated with ContentKeeper ReportCentral so you can quickly and easily extract the information you need about a specific threat or event.