Gain Full Visibility into Web Activity with Real-Time Monitoring and Comprehensive Reporting

ContentKeeper ReportCentral provides scalable, consolidated reporting across an organization, analyzing threats and web use, including SSL encrypted traffic, to help ensure security, safety and policy compliance. Highly intuitive and easy to customize, reports can be generated in real time on a prescheduled or ad-hoc basis and in various formats. Seamlessly integrates with our Secure Internet Gateway and Web Filter Pro products, processing terabytes of Internet data rapidly.


Scales seamlessly as web traffic and data volumes increase. Supports large network environments.


Generates comprehensive reports instantly from one easy-to-use interface, making it easier for administrators and managers to monitor activity and make informed decisions.

Policy Compliance

Enables administrators and managers to review reports on web traffic, user activities and threat history to prove compliance and present evidence if legal action is required.

Investigative Reporting

Provides detailed, forensic reporting to control activity that jeopardizes data, risks user safety and regulatory compliance.

Behavioral Intent Alerting and Real-Time Threat Detection

Provides real-time monitoring, reporting and alerting of potential suspicious behavior to help prevent self-harm, bullying or malicious activities. Analyzes context of search terms to differentiate a legitimate threat from normal research.

Multi-Tenancy and Delegated Administration

Supports multi-tenancy deployment and allows delegated/roles-based reporting and secure segregation of data storage.