Layer 2 Load Balancer

Mutli-Gigabit Load Balancing and Packet Brokering

The Layer 2 Load Balancer appliance provides intelligent, multi-gig load balancing for demanding high-capacity, high-availability networks. It integrates fully with the ContentKeeper Web Filter Pro and the Secure Internet Gateway for high performance across any array of ContentKeeper appliances.


Configurations available for 10G, 20G, 40G and beyond.

High Availability

Boosts availability and capacity with dual primary link options.

Ease of Use

Provides a secure, intuitive graphical interface via web-based administration.

Low Cost of Ownership

Costs less to deploy than third-party solutions.

Single Vendor Approach

Eliminates third party software and hardware incompatibilities.

Network Packet Brokering

Includes TCP and UDP port-based packet brokering capabilities.