App Defender

Identify and Block Suspicious Apps and Protocols used to Circumvent Web Filters.

Application Defense plays an important role in any layered-security strategy. The most common security breaches today include the use of applications and protocols which are designed to hide the user's identity and all Internet traffic. The use of cryptographic algorithms, encryption protocols, non-standard ports and port-hopping make it difficult to distinguish legitimate traffic from attempts to circumvent security. ContentKeeper App Defender identifies and blocks suspicious apps and protocols used to circumvent web filters, resulting in improved security and ensuring organizations remain policy compliant.

Student Safety

Identifies and blocks access to tunneling apps students use to circumvent school web filters. Prevents students from anonymously accessing the Dark Web and other illegal activities that cause safety, security and compliance challenges for schools.

Bandwidth Efficiency

Blocks BitTorrent and other bandwidth hogging applications. Provides greater control over bandwidth usage and helps prevent excessive bandwidth consumption.

Malware Protection

Prevents users from employing prohibited tunneling apps that can allow a backdoor into networks and cause malware infections or allow access to high-risk websites

Policy Management

Integrates with ContentKeeper ReportCentral to provide detailed historical analysis of network usage. Simplifies policy enforcement by identifying repeat offenders.

Ease of Administration

Provides intuitive, web-based graphical interface. Allows administrators to easily select and block access to unwanted apps and protocols.


Scans multi-gigabit traffic streams without impacting network performance. Identifies suspicious apps across millions of users and terabytes of data.