Protecting the media and entertainment industries from tomorrow’s web threats

The media and entertainment industries have been transformed in recent history by the large-scale adoption of Internet-based productivity technology. Print media has undergone a comprehensive shift of focus to a primarily online platform, and the quality and prolificacy of animated and online video content continue to grow unabated. These increases, coupled with the increased mobility of the workforce and the continuing shift to cloud infrastructure, have placed new demands on bandwidth requirements, eclipsing the needs of barely 5 years prior. More than ever, the business case for high-speed Internet access is clear, and any amount of introduced latency is going to have a negative effect on productivity.

At the same time, the threat landscape continues to evolve; The leaking of NSA exploits to the general public and the prevalence of unpatched Internet-facing computers aiding their effectiveness has created a string of high profile ransomware and other attacks that will continue into the future. In-depth malware scanning is resource intensive and many solutions slow down the network to unacceptable speeds. How do Media companies deal with the competing challenges of speed and security?

Live Media (India Today Group) is one such company that has chosen ContentKeeper Technologies to help them mitigate these threats; protecting their network, users and IP from malicious activity, while maintaining employee access to the high-speed broadband they need to do their jobs effectively.

Media and Entertainment groups have some unique aspects to their network traffic profile with an atypically high number of very large file transfers. High Definition 4K videos and 3D animations as well as High-quality audio and images, can produce extremely large files, moreover, it is becoming increasingly common that Media, Gaming, or Animation creating teams collaborate remotely and are not geographically close. Large files provide ample space in which to hide malicious code and can present a user-experience problem for many virus scanners. ContentKeeper’s streaming malware defense module has a unique feature that allows it to deliver large file downloads without disrupting the end-user experience like other solutions can. When a large file is downloaded, many proxy solutions cannot begin to scan the file until they have downloaded an entire copy. This means the end user must wait a) for the file to download, and b) for the AV engine to finish scanning it. They are not notified of this in any way so they simply experience a download stuck at 0% for the whole waiting period until the proxy releases the scanned file. This can result in the user concluding that there has been an error with the download and cancelling it, wasting their time, and ensuring more tickets for the help desk. When you are working to a deadline and the transfer itself can take hours, this can be much worse than a mild inconvenience. ContentKeeper can scan large files for viruses on-the-fly, only cutting off downloads when a detection has been made. This allows the end user experience to proceed as normal and with no cost to security.

For more than 20 years, ContentKeeper has delivered comprehensive, accessible web security solutions for global enterprises, educational institutions and government agencies. We enable our customers to protect their networks, users and data from cyber threats while embracing mobile technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based services.

About the author: David Wigley Co-Founded ContentKeeper Technologies in 1997 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. David has many years of experience in software engineering, sales and management within the Computer Security Industry.