Support student success more effectively with this powerful, cloud-based classroom management system

It’s well known among educators that many students are reluctant to speak up in class, especially when they have a question. They might be embarrassed to admit that they don’t understand a concept, for instance, or they don’t want to look foolish in front of their peers.

Unfortunately, it’s also the lowest-performing students — those who need the most help — who are often the least likely to speak up. Research confirms this fact: An analysis of students in the Toronto school system found that students who reported feeling comfortable participating in class were more likely to test at proficient levels than those who said they rarely spoke up in class.

If teachers had an easy way to monitor students’ work in real-time, identify when a child might be struggling and discretely offer support, this could go a long way toward supporting student success and closing achievement gaps that have only widened since the pandemic began.

ContentKeeper Classroom and Wellbeing offers a solution. It’s a cloud-based system that enables teachers to manage their classroom, maintain control and keep students safe and on task.

With ContentKeeper Classroom and Wellbeing, teachers can quickly identify students who are off-task through real-time visibility into their online activity and remove distractions with restricted browsing functionality. One of the most powerful benefits of this real-time insight is that teachers and support staff can easily identify students who are struggling with a learning activity and send them guidance or other messages to help them get back on track with their learning.

This private communication during class solves the problem of students being reluctant to seek help in front of their peers — and it allows teachers to support every learner much more effectively.

ContentKeeper Classroom and Wellbeing supports all major platforms, including iPads, Windows, Chromebooks and Mac OS devices. This advanced, fully cloud-based classroom management system works wherever your students are, supporting classroom-based, remote and hybrid learning to ensure a high-quality learning experience from anywhere.

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About the Author: Jayce Haghighi is the Classroom Management Product Strategy Specialist for ContentKeeper. Jayce has many years of experience in helping school districts bridge the digital gap between the use of technology in the classroom and the effect it has on student learning outcomes. He is an expert in providing decision-makers with the success criteria needed to select the right product in order to give teachers the ability to manage the modern classroom and achieve a higher level of equitable learning.