Advanced Reporting Module

Proactive Web-Based Malware Security ContentKeeper Web Filter Pro provides a comprehensive Web filtering solution to meet the threats and challenges of today’s IT requirements and secure the next-generation learning environment. The Advanced Reporting Module (ARM) is an optional add-on for detailed reporting and large-scale deployments. ARM is a complete reporting package for ContentKeeper Web Filter Pro. It provides a wide range of Web activity, policy compliance and security event reports. It also features comprehensive reporting facilities and time-saving management with automated report generation and delivery. Why Use Advanced Reporting Module? Reporting and analysis of Web use is a critical element of legal compliance and maintaining a safe working environment for organizations. ContentKeeper ARM provides a powerful, yet easy to use and highly flexible reporting platform that enables you to gain meaningful insight into your Web use and make informed decisions. It enables you to consolidate reporting data across multiple offices, devices or domains. Reporting can be provided to appropriate personnel for their particular areas of concern. Graphical Formats & Drilldown Reports ContentKeeper ARM features an extensive range of reports in a variety of outputs. You can define the type of graphical chart you want to use for particular reports. You can also click on data points in a report and quickly drilldown into more detail; whether it is a Website, a URL category, a user group or an individual user. This allows you to format reports on the fly to meet your specific requirements. Scalable, Consolidated Log Analysis Efficiently load and analyze Gigabytes of logging data. Import via SYSLOG, FTP, SFTP (SSH) or archive files. Streamline multiple logging sources into a single consolidated reporting system. Save time and effort and view all of your activity logs in one place. Scheduled Report Generation Define and save required reports and automatically schedule when you want reports to be generated. You can specify the recurring frequency for your most used reports such as daily or weekly and set the exact date and time that you want reports to run. Saves on administration time and creates a set & forget process for all your reporting needs. Automated Report Delivery With scheduled reports, you can define the distribution group for specific reports with automated email delivery or automated HTML publishing to the Web server of your choice. This ensures that critical reporting information is routinely presented to those who need it in a timely manner and helps maintain a safe learning environment by giving staff the information they need to address problems. Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Interface ContentKeeper ARM utilizes a clear and intuitive user interface to help make reporting an easy experience rather than a laborious chore. A wealth of pre-defined reports are available in clear, easy to understand categories, making it simple to identify the reports you want to see. Creating new, custom report templates is also an easy process with an intuitive report creation “wizard” that guides you through each step. Exportable Formats Reports can be output in a range of formats giving you the flexibility to deliver reports how you want them. Formats include:
  • Adobe Portable Document Format – PDF (via Word)
  • Microsoft Word – DOC
  • Microsoft Excel – XLS
  • Plain Text – TXT
  • Webpage - HTML