Education / K-12

Web Filtering and
Security Platform for Schools

ContentKeeper's scalable Web Filtering and Security Platform gives schools the comprehensive set of tools they need to allow safe access to valuable educational content across all browsers and devices both on and off campus.

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Business / Enterprise

Multi-Layered Web Security Platform
for the Enterprise

ContentKeeper's Multi-layered Web Security Platform provides defense in-depth to help organizations proactively protect their networks and users from emerging cyber threats.

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Safely Allow Access to Educational Content

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The ContentKeeper Advantage


Enterprise-Class Security and Filtering

Scales to handle demands of large network environments.

Multi-Layered Web Security Approach

Proactively prevents cyber-threats with a multi-layered defense strategy

Multi-Gig SSL Inspection and Detection

Provides granular controls and reporting for all browsers and devices without impacting network performance

Comprehensive Web Reporting and Analytics

Full network visibility with the ability to take action immediately

Industry Leading Customer Support

Top quality technical support reduces deployment costs and response times.