Web Threat Protection


Block malware and polymorphic code, detect active vulnerability exploits and identify new threats in real-time

As the Web has changed, so too has the range and sophistication of Web threats. Signature-based, malware detection database systems are insufficient protection against today’s active threats – capturing less than 40% of attacks in the wild. These reactive anti-virus technologies have never provided adequate protection, even when up-to-date, against a constantly shifting Web threat landscape.

Threat Protection

The Spectrum of Web-Based Threats

The threat landscape today is congested with a wide array of malicious security threats:


  • Viruses, spyware and Trojans (signature-prone malware)
  • Polymorphic malware and dynamic, targeted malware creation tools (signature-resistant)
  • Advanced persistent threats (targeted infiltration)
  • Browser vulnerability exploits like Cross Site Scripting and iFrame injection (JavaScript exploits)
  • Rootkits, Botnets and fast flux DNS command & control systems (runs behind AV)
  • Drive-by malware downloaders and Scareware/Fake Anti-Virus (“Ransomware”)
  • Social engineering/exploitation and social networking account hacking (lowered guard syndrome)

ContentKeeper provides a complete Web Threat Protection solution which unites the best of today’s anti-virus technologies with sophisticated, real-time malicious behavior assessment to form the next generation of predictive Web security. This ensures protection from not just viruses, but active browser exploits, new zero-day vulnerabilities and polymorphic threats which are normally immune to signature-based detection.