Financial Services

Web Security for Financial Service Providers & Regulatory Compliance

Financial service providers face many difficult and complex Web security challenges; targeted hacking attacks and active malware - managing Web security with a plethora of mobile devices and BYOD demands - trying to maintain GLBA compliance and monitoring of confidential data in a cloud-based, mobile connected world – these and many other demands are stretching IT resources and budgets beyond the breaking point.

ContentKeeper provides comprehensive Web security solutions to address these challenges and secure the next-generation Web environment. We protect against harmful Web content and emerging security threats. ContentKeeper helps Financial service providers proactively protect networks, track the distribution of confidential data and secure mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

ContentKeeper features for Financial Service Providers

  • GLBA compliant Web security and confidential data controls
  • BYOD support for all devices
  • Advanced predictive anti-malware engines
  • Granular social media controls
  • DLP / document content scanning
  • QoS / bandwidth shaping
  • SSL / HTTPS session decoding & inspection
  • Roles-based administration & reporting
  • Scales 10 times better than proxies

ContentKeeper provides a convenient, robust and high performance solution to address the myriad of Web-based threats and the many challenging IT compliance requirements of the Financial services industry. ContentKeeper helps you secure the borderless network and the mobile / cloud environment with next-generation Web Security.