About ContentKeeper

ContentKeeper Technologies provides innovative and proven Internet security solutions to help organizations proactively address the evolving security challenges in today’s web 2.0 environment.

Since 1998, ContentKeeper has been building best-in-class Web filtering solutions.

Now, with the evolution of Web 2.0 applications and Internet security threats, ContentKeeper offers an all-in-one solution that secures Internet use against the latest malware and active exploits, utilizing proactive real-time malware detection and ensures a safe, policy-compliant, working and learning environment.

ContentKeeper seamlessly supports and secures all workstations and Web-capable devices including roaming/mobile users, remote offices, Wi-Fi networks and home-based workers and students.

ContentKeeper provides powerful Web filtering solutions to secure network gateways and cloud-based business and education resources. ContentKeeper enables organizations to secure the Web connection for the mobile user anytime, anywhere.