Advanced Threat Protection Suite

Proactive Web-Based Malware Security ContentKeeper Advanced Threat Protection Suite is a multifaceted, multi-layered, anti-malware and malicious Web threat security system. It combines multiple advanced targeted malware identification technologies to providing an effective barrier against today’s and tomorrow’s Web security threats. Advanced Threat Protection Suite is a revolution in the fight against malware. It combines best-of-breed signature-based malware identification with the very latest in forensic file behavior assessment technology. The result is an airtight malware protection solution which can identify even new/unknown or uniquely targeted threats. Why Use Advanced Threat Protection? As the Web has changed, so too has the range and sophistication of Web threats. Signature-based, malware detection database systems are insufficient protection against today’s active threats – capturing less than 40% of attacks in the wild. These reactive anti-virus technologies have never provided adequate protection, even when up-to-date, against a constantly shifting Web threat landscape. The Spectrum of Web-Based Threats The threat landscape today is congested with a wide array of malicious security threats:
  • Viruses, spyware and Trojans (signature-prone malware)
  • Polymorphic malware and dynamic, targeted malware creation tools (signature-resistant)
  • Advanced persistent threats (targeted infiltration)
  • Browser vulnerability exploits like Cross Site Scripting and iFrame injection (JavaScript exploits)
  • Rootkits, Botnets and fast flux DNS command & control systems (runs behind AV)
  • Drive-by malware downloaders and Scareware/Fake Anti-Virus (“Ransomware”)
  • Social engineering/exploitation and social networking account hacking (lowered guard syndrome)
The Advanced Threat Protection Advantage ContentKeeper Advanced Threat Protection meets this shifting landscape of Web threats head-on. It provides a solution which unites the best of today’s anti-virus technologies with sophisticated, real-time malicious program assessment to form the next generation of Web security. Combined, the Advanced Threat Protection Suite is able to protect organizations from not just viruses, but active browser exploits, new, zero-day vulnerabilities and polymorphic threats which are normally immune to signature-based detection. Advanced Threat Protection Suite is a multifaceted anti-malware and malicious Web threat security system. It combines three layers of advanced malware identification technology to provide a total barrier against Web threats:
  • Streaming Malware Defense – high performance signature-based anti-virus with fast, real-time packet inspection. SMD identifies known viruses and spyware.
  • Browser Analysis Engine – isolated virtual browser attack evaluation environment. Automatically tests unknown Web files, intelligently assesses the behavior of JavaScript (including obfuscation) and unpacks PDF files looking for any signs of malicious activity.
  • Cloud Sandbox – a virtualized test computer environment where suspicious samples are executed and analyzed for any signs of malicious behavior. CSB analyses files that pass the previous layers of anti-malware inspection.